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Low-cost detection test for cancer
December 15, 2023
OncoSeek® is a low-cost detection test for cancer

Worldwide each year, 19.3 million people are diagnosed with cancer and the numbers are growing. Nearly 1 in 6 deaths is caused by cancer. The need to expedite diagnostics is vital. As more and curative treatments options are available the earlier cancer is diagnosed and the negative impact on quality of life is reduced. We are in need of a multi cancer test and OncoInv offers you one.

OncoSeek® is a low-cost detection test for cancer

OncoSeek® uses a combination of 7 specific plasma tumor markers, a new multivariate algorithm, big data and AI. It performs screening for the most common cancers, calculates the cancer risk score (CRS), and traces the cancer tissue of origin (TOO). It’s scientifically validated and CE-certified. OncoSeek can be easily implemented as it uses existing medical infrastructure.

OncoSeek® can be used anywhere in the world by medical organisations who provide health services to the public. Laboratory services are included when needed.

Our website is under development. If your organisation is interested in OncoSeek® we invite you to contact us at info@oncoinv.org

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