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About OncoInv

OncoInv is a social enterprise which is currently a 100% entity of the Inspire2Live Foundation. Our goal is to get cancer detected in an earlier stage and to make it available for as many people as possible. The cancer burden is disproportionately high in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). For these countries early detection means better treatment options and better survival rates. For the high-income countries, the big advantage is the early detection of cancers that are not in a standard screening program and a simple test for symptomatic people that are not in the screening programs yet.

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How we work

The way we work is to collaborate with the local people in their countries. Just by asking: “What is the most effective way to make Multi Cancer Early Detection available for the people that need it.”

It can be used for screening or yearly check-ups, or it can be used for symptomatic patients. We can offer the lab analyses in Europe, but all distributors are free to look for their own local labs to perform the test, which might be less expensive. Of course, it is particularly important that the follow up is arranged for people with positive results. We demand our distributors to organise or ensure follow up by a healthcare worker with guidance for the patients.

We use a differential pricing model that is based on the classification of the World Bank: high, upper-middle, lower-middle-, and low-income countries. This means we are not for profit in the lower- and middle-income countries. For us this is a way to overcome the inequalities in healthcare and to reach as many people as possible.

Partners & Distributors

Logo SeekIn


Seek and you will find. SeekIn uses blood to find cancer at an early stage so that patients can be treated early, raising their chances of survival.

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Lab Stein - Partner OncoInv OncoSeek

Lab Stein

Lab Stein is a state-of-the-art laboratory where blood samples are being processed.

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Excellion International - Distributor OncoInv OncoSeek


Excellion is a pharmaceutical firm focusing on promotive health care products and services to vulnerable populations to enhance early detection, diagnostic and prevention of diseases.

NM Genomix - Distributor OncoInv OncoSeek

NM Genomix

NM Genomix is one of the leading providers of genetic testing in Bulgaria. The company is dedicated to patient centric personalised medicine approach.

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OnkoDiag - Distributor OncoInv OncoSeek


OnkoDiag has been cooperating with the best laboratories in Poland for years, providing patients in Poland with access to the most modern laboratory diagnostics.

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Medical Advisory Board

We work with a medical Advisory Board of leading scientists and clinicians that provide us with current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis to feed our decision makers to make the right decisions.

The Inspire2Live Foundation has a majority in the board to keep us on track of being a social enterprise. Profits are reinvested in business growth, R&D and mostly used by Inspire2Live for more social projects.

Current members of our Medical Advisory Board are Professor Ifeoma Okoye MBBS, FWACS, FMCR and Stephen Friend from 4YouandMe.

Professor Stephen Friend

Professor Ifeoma Okoye