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NM Genomix adresses the cancer burden in Bulgaria
January 9, 2024
NM Genomix adresses the cancer burden in Bulgaria with OncoSeek

NM Genomix (Bulgaria) and OncoInv (the Netherlands) have joined forces to make multi cancer early detection available in Bulgaria. OncoSeek® is a patient-friendly product to detect cancer as it is on a blood sample and requires no biopsy or imaging equipment. Starting January 2024 NM Genomix will offer OncoSeek® in Bulgaria as a quicker and less painful means of screening for cancer.

A revolution in cancer diagnosis

Blood samples are analysed on 7 Protein Tumour Markers (PTM). The resulting data is processed by cloud-based software using Artificial Intelligence and big data to analyse the resulting data sets. The algorithm is operated by OncoInv and is fully GDPR compliant.

OncoSeek® covers the most common aggressive cancers and its specificity and sensitivity are considered better than traditional approaches in the realm of early detection and diagnosis.

OncoSeek® has been developed by SeekIn (China, US). SeekIn has partnered with OncoInv to make its products available to as many countries as possible. To fulfil this ambition OncoInv offers the products at low cost.

About NM Genomix

NM Genomix is one of the leading providers of genetic testing in Bulgaria. The company is dedicated to patient centric personalised medicine approach and offers modern tests for more than 11 years. NM Genomix already has served more than 15.000 patients and introduced more than 10 innovative genetic tests on the Bulgarian market. The company is located in Sofia, the capital of the country and has offices in Plovdiv and Varna, the second and third largest cities in Bulgaria. For more information, please visit www.nmgenomix.com.

About OncoInv

OncoInv is based in Houten, the Netherlands. The mission of OncoInv is to make multi-cancer early detection solutions available to as many people as possible, thus improving the outcome for patients and their families. OncoInv offers its products and services on a not-for-profit basis in Low- and Middle-Income countries to ensure high availability by minimizing the costs. OncoInv is a fully owned subsidiary of the non-profit foundation Inspire2Live. For more information, please continue your visit on www.oncoinv.org.

About SeekIn

SeekIn is a biotech company founded in early 2018 in Shenzhen, China, focusing on blood-based pan-cancer early detection utilizing -generation sequencing and artificial intelligence. Since founded, SeekIn has been committed to providing cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for cancer early detection, postoperative recurrence monitoring, and treatment response evaluation. SeekIn also developed novel molecular tests for leukaemia patients. With its proprietary technical advances, SeekIn has launched several research and clinical studies in collaboration with top-tier hospitals. SeekIn envisions that by leading a new norm for cancer early detection the clinical outcome of mid-/late-stage cancer patients can be reversed, and the cancer mortality rate can be reduced by 15%. For more information about SeekIn’s cutting-edge technologies and products, visit www.seekincancer.com.

About Inspire2Live

Inspire2Live is an international patient advocacy organisation operating on an international level. We are on a mission to inspire and empower patients, researchers and clinicians to work together to prevent, treat and eliminate cancer. If we all believe that healthcare should be for the benefit of patients, then we should be part of the discussion and the decision process: When about us, not without us. We achieve our goals by connecting stakeholders in the medical industrial complex and organising congresses and discovery networks. These connections have led to many initiatives which are transforming the way research and healthcare work to become more patient-centric. We operate globally in full respect of local considerations. For more information, please visit www.inspire2live.org.


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